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Stay Prologue + Chapter 1

Title: Stay
Rating: Nc-17 (for bed scenes)
genre: slice of life, romance
warning: a bunch of crap becos of forgotten skill (if i have one) to write smth rated
summary: Sungmin thinks he doesn't belong to his world.


Sungmin is gay.

He admitted it even before he learned what the “gay” word is.

He even knows he doesn’t belong to the man of the men nor does to the woman of the women or he was something between the lines. He isn’t in the borders or at the boundaries because being a gay is another dimension, another world, another gender.

It is not something about being between the lines, not a preference either.

It is just… he is gay. No words added, none subtracted. Exactly what he wants to be, a queer.

So when he already had the guts to tell his parents what he wants – a dick- he did not have a second thoughts in telling them however but it was his parents who had second thoughts in accepting it. Sungmin wondered if it was a natural reaction or not but when his dad hit him for the very first time and asked him where the “Sungmin he knows went”, he already identified that his dad is looking at him in a different angle.

He is a gay and so he is not Sungmin.

That is the time he finally realized that being at a house with your parents questioning you why did you choose to go astray when all you did is admit your truest color of sexuality is not something you call as home. That is imprisonment.

And he is no way getting himself chained with unseen shackles.

He is free and should be.


It is his first night at the “Sense’s Spa”. Nervous as hell but still anticipating what this spa is offering him, though he already heard from Ryeowook the strange offers it gives to the customers, still, he can’t go home without trying.

He thought it is not bad. He is a male and nothing will lose from him or gain, not a baby but maybe some fats. Engaging in this kind of activity will not harm him, he knows safe sex and sure he knows the rest of it.

He is an expert in massaging- sore backs, swollen shoulder muscles- name it all and he can ease that.

His mom is a therapist anyway. He learned from the best.

So while he was planning on how to get away and where to stay away from his parents, he is secretly training at Senses Spa. And one of his first visits was this man who taught him that love is an incredible feeling. That love occurred during the strangest times, in the strangest places.

Part  1
It was that night that he decided to end it.


Sungmin expected this.

People from high class society, holding a glass of rich satin-textured alcohol, the smell of wealth under his nose, the bright lights and the soft carpeted floor, the people that surrounds him, Sungmin felt so suffocated.

His hands wander over his chest before gripping the lapel of his coat tightly, gulping a lungful of air, he closed his eyes to refrain his self from shaking. This is not the crowd that he wanted but he is here not for them but for a certain someone. And that someone wasn’t in his line of vision. He just wished to see him before one of the high class people from this party start talking to him.

The last thing he wanted to do is to socialize with them.

Before he could lose his sanity, he marched in between the whispering people, probably talking about stocks, money and arranged marriage or anything what stories say about rich people. His eyes roam at the vast hall, heart beating wildly.

“Hi there young man.”

Sungmin froze.

He knows that voice very well. He had memorized it starting from the day they met, during the laughter they shared, back at the storage room, during the nights with entangled limbs- two shadows on a wall, a cry of pleasure- of hurried phone calls and sweet goodbyes.

Sungmin thought Kyuhyun would never show.

Automatically arms hugged the slimness of his waist and for a moment, Sungmin thought he’s going to faint. His back slowly leaning to Kyuhyun’s chest and under his fingertips, that were slowly crawling over Kyuhyun’s arm, he recognized very well the expensive suit he picked for the other.

“Are you wearing it?”

“Why didn’t you turn around?” came a husky voice beside his ear.

But before he could do such, Kyuhyun kissed the exposed part of his neck, lips lingering a bit on it before whirling Sungmin around. Their chests collide and with the distance of their lips from each other, Sungmin can almost taste the crisp, rich wine from Kyuhyun’s mouth.

“Do I look good?”

Without hesitation Sungmin answered an excited, “Yes.” Kyuhyun released a chuckle that was sexy for Sungmin, adding the fact that it was whispered beside his ears, the hot air touching the outline of his lobe and Sungmin was starting to get aroused.

No. Not in here.

“Kyuhyun—“ But before he can finish his sentence, a music slow in tempo played in the background and Sungmin tried to detach himself from Kyuhyun. But the strong grip held him in place, for a moment he calmed his self down. He is not in the mood to dance.

Kyuhyun noticed the struggle forming in Sungmin’s creased forehead. And he can even hear the frantic beating of the smaller man’s heart. Sensing the trouble, he put his hands gently over the bump of Sungmin’s waist and he placed his head locked beside the other.

“You are handsome tonight you know that,” Sungmin only shook his head. Kyuhyun’s hands traveled from the expanse of his back and glide it smoothly up and down, sending a calming feeling to Sungmin.

Their feet move to their accord, knees at one point touching each other and Kyuhyun’s one hand is  momentarily stopping at one point on his back before proceeding to do the previous actions while the other hand hold his waist in place. Because of that, Sungmin unconsciously put his head over the left side of Kyuhyun’s chest.

Unknown to him, Kyuhyun can hear his rapid heartbeats.

And somehow Sungmin felt that Kyuhyun knows too that this would be the last night they could be together.


The back of his knees hit the edge of the bed causing him to stumble down. He was surprised that he didn’t realize it was there, a part of him tells that

Kyuhyun’s kisses make him crazy that it sent him to complete oblivion.  His eyes are frantic, searching hopelessly some pint of mercy from Kyuhyun but the taller man’s eyes are filled with unfathomable carnal yearning.

This is not part of the plan and basing from what is happening Sungmin knows the argument was over.

Kyuhyun talks with no words.

Sungmin gasped, Kyuhyun straddled him over the bed, his back hitting the softness of it. And there is this exciting feeling in him, mixed with some urgency to touch the other yet he can feel the strike of fear coursing in his vein.

“No, no Kyu. We should talk.”

They should talk about things. Like how Sungmin should stop working in the spa or how Kyuhyun should stop giving him expensive gifts or maybe they could change the Saturday dates to Sundays or they should stop eating at that café because last time Sungmin saw a fly in Kyuhyun’s cup. Or maybe, just maybe, they can talk how Kyuhyun should stop seeing him.

“Shut up Sungmin, you can’t change my mind.”

Lips molded against his. A groan escaped from him when Kyuhyun’s hand found the back of his neck, palming it so his mouth would be impossibly closer to the other. He moaned when a tongue battled against his, he cried when it swiped on the roof of his mouth. It traced the ridges of it before

Kyuhyun decided to suck his lower lip.

Sungmin’s hands found the collar of Kyuhyun, he gripped it tighter when Kyuhyun managed to roll his hips slowly over Sungmin.

“Ahhh…”  Kyuhyun attacked his mouth when Sungmin moaned with ecstasy.  It is pure bliss. He likes it when Kyuhyun put extra weight over his aching arousal then slowly pushing down on him, pressing him, then leaving him breathless as Kyuhyun sucked his tongue.

The friction down there produces warmth causing his member to sprang to life, he can feel his self getting hard against the defined and firm one of Kyuhyun. He can feel Kyuhyun’s member digging between his legs which he unconsciously open widely, and he thrusted upward meeting those erratic humping.

Sungmin loosened his hold to Kyuhyun’s collar, “Ahhh—damn.”

Kyuhyun smirked and lowered his body over Sungmin so his nipples that are taut and hard under his expensive polo would faintly scratch over Sungmin’s aroused nubs. He lowered his body so Sungmin can feel how hard he is or how his hips can encage that small waist.

He lowered his body so he can nibble Sungmin’s ear and whisper, “do you like it?”

In a blink of an eye, Kyuhyun’s hands are over the buttons of his polo and Sungmin can do nothing but to stare. He was so helpless when Kyuhyun hold him in his armpits and lean him against the headboard, he was clouded with lust that he didn’t notice he was naked, his pants pooling at his ankles and Kyuhyun was staring at him lovingly.


“Shhhh. Let’s drown ourselves with this.”

And he slowly closed his eyes when he felt Kyuhyun’s breath against his neck, a guttural moan slipped past between his swollen lips when Kyuhyun sucked a part of it lightly, teeth scraping on it before Kyuhyun’s hand found the back of Sungmin’s knees.

“Kyu---,“ his knees were pushed up to his chest as Kyuhyun lazily pull his pants completely from him. An intake of breath was heard from Sungmin when the sudden exposure made him feel cold, vulnerable and so open.

The man before him kneel between his parted his knees and Sungmin can feel his hole beneath him twitching in anticipation, his knees drawn to his chest, his back against the headboard and there was Kyuhyun staring on his lips then to his eyes.

And he kissed the life out of Sungmin.

Soon Kyuhyun’s hands never left the back of Sungmin’s knees, keeping them in place against Sungmin’s chest.

He attacked those rosy lips with his hungry mouth as he alternately works for the zipper of his pants and when he managed to slip it out, he moved closer to Sungmin and he rubbed their arousals together. Sungmin gasped painfully against his mouth when the sensation came over him.

“Ah—ah—ah, please.”

Sungmin doesn’t exactly know what he’s begging for but he’s damned too aroused to articulate what he feels. Soon his mewls were drowned around Kyuhyun’s plump lips, his hands are above his head, gripping the headboard with so much force.

Kyuhyun sucked his upper lip and later worked on his collarbones, Sungmin tilted his head up as his eyes rolled at the back of his skull. He was filled with strong sensations that the he only wanted to scream.

To scream so hard because fuck, Kyuhyun is now sucking his nipples, sucking and biting. Sungmin looked down at Kyuhyun whose hair tickles his chin. Sungmin saw how thick those eyelashes, he saw how Kyuhyun opened his mouth, eyes slowly meeting his, then he poked his tongue out, tasting Sungmin’s perked nipples. The man sitting against the headboard rolled his head backwards because Kyuhyun poked his tongue, circling it a few times before having his lips clamped around the innocent nipple. Sungmin arched his back when he felt Kyuhyun tugged on his left nipple as he continue sucking the other, teeth slightly scraping on it as he made sounds that did nothing but to arouse him.

He can feel his other nipple wet with Kyuhyun’s tongue. “Goddamit Kyuhyun…ahh.”

“oh god—“ Sungmin gripped the hair of Kyuhyun. They are still in that position however Kyuhyun was now bended in all fours, completely taking

Sungmin in his mouth. “fuck—fuck.” Kyuhyun’s eyes look over Sungmin’s half-lidded ones as he licked the head, his hand that were on Sungmin’s knees are now over one of Sungmin’s buds, pinching it or just flicking it.

The smaller convulsed because of the swirling sensations in his body. He loves how Kyuhyun’s talented tongue was running over his length, how his other nipple was pinched and he loves how Kyuhyun would look at him as he fucks the Kyuhyun’s mouth with his member that is slicked with saliva and precum.

But what made him close to coming is Kyuhyun watching him moan silently as he sucked Sungmin and how he watches Kyuhyun jerk his self off, ass stick up on the air.

Sungmin thinks he won’t last long.

But that changed when Kyuhyun released him and started removing his clothes.

Sungmin wasn’t even sure when did Kyuhyun removed his pants.

“I can see you are clearly enjoying.” Kyuhyun’s voice was hoarse and Sungmin loved that he’s the reason behind it. “Don’t worry there’s more to come.”

He wasn’t able to reply when Kyuhyun lifted him up again and properly leaned him against the headboard. Later, he found himself being kissed tenderly by Kyuhyun, hands roaming against the expanse of his skin and Kyuhyun’s arousal poking somewhere along his chest and stomach.

He can feel the hardness and wetness of it.

But the next thing he knew his other hand was being cuffed next to his head.

“Kyuhyun!” a click and he knows he can’t get away now. And when his questioning eyes searched Kyuhyun, he saw a lust-filled evil smirk painted on those lips.

“Revenge time baby.”

The long fingers of Kyuhyun were wrapped tenderly around the hand of Sungmin that was cuffed on the headboard, massaging it softly while looking at Sungmin. “Remember the time when we first met?” he whispered seductively near Sungmin but more of murmuring it at the back of his ear and licking it afterwards.

Confusion was written all over Sungmin’s face because he isn’t quite sure what first meeting he’s talking about. Was it during the first time he walked in Kyuhyun’s company to apply for a job and heck he doesn’t even know it is where Kyuhyun works. Or was it during the ---

“damn at the Spa.”


Then soon Sungmin was struggling against the slightly loosed cuffs yet surely secured because he knows where this one is going.

“We met like this.” Before Sungmin could react he felt a cloth softly covering his eyes, and Kyuhyun forming a knot behind his head as he smelled the masculine fragrant coming from the neck of Kyuhyun, he can smell the sweat and he can hear the sound of the silent bobbing of Kyuhyun’s adam’s apple.

Sungmin is getting aroused.

Then a rich laugh reverberated around the room and with his other free hand, the one not bounded, reaches over Kyuhyun’s face. “ What are you trying to pull this time Kyuhyun?”

Kyuhyun stole a quick peck over his lips.

And Sungmin can feel the weight of Kyuhyun’s leaving the bed.

“Yah! Where are you going?”

“Easy,  pumpkin. I’m just going to get something. And oops you’ll get punished if you try to peek or have that other hand of your remove that blindfold!” Kyuhyun voice which is small in his ears reprimanded him.

The room is too big and Kyuhyun must been at the other end getting something. He guessed.

While waiting for Kyuhyun, Sungmin tried to listen to his surroundings. A streak of pink colored his cheeks when he heard the faint sound of party coming outside. The party is still going when Kyuhyun suddenly dragged him to one of the biggest rooms and locked it inside out. He smiled when he remember how Kyuhyun naughtily laughed beside him while showing the key. No one can open the room and interrupt them.

“Why are you smiling sweetie, are you that excited.” He was moved out from his trance when Kyuhyun’s sexy voice burst his replay.

“Nothing—hey.” Sungmin can feel Kyuhyun’s hand locking around his wrist and suddenly a cold liquid gel was poured over his fingers. “Kyuhyun what is this?”

Sungmin can hear the smile in Kyuhyun’s lips. “ I want you—“

Kyuhyun’s member poking his kneecap because his legs are folded against his chest and his arousal completely shown to Kyuhyun, Sungmin shivered at the cold air hitting his naked body and to Kyuhyun’s undeniable sexy voice.

“to touch yourself.”

Sungmin gasped as Kyuhyun guided his hand over the inside of his legs, smearing the gel over it, near his cock then Kyuhyun moved it near his hole, it twitches but then Kyuhyun retracted his hand and gently tug it towards his.

“I want you---“

Sungmin can feel his length growing hard in every second.

“to touch me.”

Then his hand found Kyuhyun’s arousal, his gel-covered hands automatically wrapped the length of Kyuhyun, pumping it upwards then squeezing the head, then down again while not forgetting to scrape his fingernails lightly over it. Sungmin moved his hand again as he mapped out the protruding veins along the hard, pulsating member of Kyuhyun.

Sungmin can hear very well the snapping of Kyuhyun’s bones, probably from the force he gave when he suddenly rolled his head out, if Sungmin was not blindfolded he can see very well the soft , sweat-covered neck of Kyuhyun.

“Sungmin,” the way his name rolled out of those lips almost made him choke in lust.

“I want you—“

Then his hand was removed from Kyuhyun’s sex and he gasped when he knows where it was guided to.

“to prepare yourself.”

Sungmin gasped and moaned when Kyuhyun put more gel and hold his index finger out.

Then he slowly guided it to Sungmin’s entrance letting the finger trace the rings of those tight muscles.

He can feel Kyuhyun’s movement beside him and suddenly kisses are showered at the side of his neck.

“Let me watch you Sungmin.”

The smaller man did what he was told.

But Sungmin wonders what he looks like. He wonders how Kyuhyun is looking at him. He wonders hoe kyuhyun would react when he opened his legs wider and when he pushed his finger slowly inside of him.

He winced but the feeling of Kyuhyun watching him made him tremble internally. At tentative pace, he pushed his finger in and out and uncontrollably moaning at the feeling of it. Without Kyuhyun’s instructions, he pushed the second finger in and pumped it in several times before deciding to curl it on the spot he knows would make him scream silently.

As Sungmin mouth hang open from pleasure, Kyuhyun took opportunity to put three fingers inside of his mouth. Sungmin shut his eyes underneath the blindfold but when Kyuhyun urged him, his tongue immediately played with it, coating every part of it with saliva.

Seconds after Sungmin is a complete mess. Apparently, Kyuhyun’s other hand pumped Sungmin’s neglected member. “Ahhh…”

“Ah! Kyuhyun, ah—ah.”

He can’t take the sensations crawling at every fiber of his body. He can feel his self getting hot and needy. Sungmin was trained not to come hard that easily but Kyuhyun made it harder for him. He wasn’t even fucked yet, heck, he was even using only his fingers but Kyuhyun has been putting him in so much fire that he can’t keep up on the pace.

“Please Kyuhyun..Kyu—oh god please.”

Before Sungmin could even moan deeper, Kyuhyun inserted his two fingers inside of Sungmin all at once.

“Holy mother of--  fuck.”

Sungmin arched his back, his head meeting the edge of the headboard, his legs are tired from being kept wide open yet these spine-tingling feelings kept him wanting for more, god, he craved to touch Kyuhyun, he fucking need to see Kyuhyun.

“Do you remember when we first met, Sungmin?”

Kyuhyun said teasing over Sungmin’s direction.

“You made a mess in me too.”

Kyuhyun pushed his fingers deeper as he encouraged Sungmin to never stop pumping his fingers inside of him. “You made me feel so helpless too,” Kyuhyun caught one nipple in his mouth and hungrily sucked on it then giving it a peck right before he curled his fingers aiming at the spot that was the sweetest of all.

“Ahh—“ Kyuhyun pushed it more brushing harder on it.

“Ahh, oh god.” Sungmin choked when Kyuhyun pounded his fingers more over that gracious bundle of nerves.

The smaller man lost count on how many time he called Kyuhyun’s name.

“Tell me what you want babe.”

Sungmin arched his back once again.

He can’t take it anymore.

He can feel Kyuhyun’s fingers against his. He can feel his fingers brushing against his walls.

Sungmin can feel his hole was being stretched so much and he can already feel the heaviness of his abdomen, he can’t come early like this. He needs to do it with Kyuhyun.

“Please take me. Please take me now.”

Kyuhyun didn’t need to be told twice because in one swift move he pulled Sungmin’s fingers out and pinned it beside his head.
Sungmin released a cry of pleasure when Kyuhyun entered him, angling directly to his spot. Kyuhyun pulled his member out but only to push it back, stopping up to a hilt, completely breaking down Sungmin’s last string of sanity.

He moaned at loud not even worrying if someone outside might hear them because all he fucking needs is to scream this out.

To scream how aroused he was.

To scream how hot he felt when Kyuhyun’s member slide skillfully inside of him, his walls clamping around it, feeling it up as kyuhyun’s head hit his prostrate dead-on.

He has to scream how tight his legs around Kyuhyun’s hips, how he desperately clings on to that back.

“Kyu-Kyuhyun, I need to see you please.”

Sungmin pleaded but Kyuhyun just answered him, “just hang on babe, we’ll come into that.”

So during the time Kyuhyun was ramming into him, all he did was to moan, pleads more  and more and more until he is crying with pleasure.

“Deeper please,” he hugged Kyuhyun tight and kissed the top of his shoulders as the taller man leaned on him more, “ I want you to –ah!” Kyuhyun fastened his pace. Kyuhyun thrusted deeper in him, muscles hardening and Sungmin clings to him, arms around Kyuhyun’s neck.

“Kyuhyun I- I think I’m close.”

With that Kyuhyun took his blindfold off.

And what Sungmin saw struck him the most.

Kyuhyun’s hair damped with sweat, his fringe sticking to his face, his lean arms hardening in every thrust letting Sungmin to anchor himself on it. Sungmin saw the other’s swollen lips and slowly he reached out his hand to trace it.

Kyuhyun thrust in him harder that Sungmin almost forgot to breath.

He thought he’s losing his self.

He thought he’s losing his self with the thoughts that are bugging in him for the past days.

He thought he’s losing his pride, his self-worth and the defenses he once built around him.
Sungmin smiled bitterly.

“Ahh Kyuhyun fuck fuck—“ He knows he’s coming to his own release so Kyuhyun hugged him tighter, burying his head against the crook of him and Sungmin savored the touch.

“My Sungmin please don’t cry.”

That’s only when Sungmin realized he’s been crying.

And in one powerful thrust, one that made him tremble, moaning and writhing under Kyuhyun, with the last thrust, they came hard.

Kyuhyun’s seeds are flowing out from Sungmin but he doesn’t mind.

The warmth from it made him feel safe.

But from the moment he opened his eyes, Kyuhyun warm and concerned smile greeted him.

He pushed his self up and Kyuhyun helped him, slowly he brought their faces together and shared a slow tired kiss, basking the afterglow of that heated lovemaking.

Sungmin thought that if he’s going to lose himself.

He’s going to lose it in Kyuhyun’s smile.

Because damn, he has a smile of a god.

Kyuhyun cuddled him closer.

And as Sungmin closed his eyes, mind drifting to the safest place, away from his thoughts, away from his doubts.

He snuggled closer to Kyuhyun.

Closer to where he feels safe.

“I won’t break up with him tonight.”

But it was that night where everything really sets to begin.

a/n: lol i'm sorry for the crappiness when was the last time i wrote a smut lol.
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  • Versus Uncle

    Versus Uncle pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin rating: PG-13 (becos Jintuo is a headache and Kyuhyun swears-- "hey no cursing, Jintuo said) genre: Fluff…

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