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Mommy Sungmin

title: Mommy Sungmin (sequel of Mommy Kyuhyun)
rating: PG
pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin
warning: grammar errors
summary: through the help of daddy kyuhyun, let's see how mommy sungmin conquered Jintuo's piqued curiosity of everything.

prequel-ish : here

Two years had passed since Sungmin decided to live a life together with Kyuhyun and Jintuo.

And it has been two years since he was called, “mommy Sungmin.


He is just 24 and kyuhyun is 26 and their life is full of good memories and naughty ones courtesy of Kyuhyun’s only child, Jintuo – who just turned six this year. Things had gotten into place like how Sungmin acted like a true mother as of it is his second nature and kyuhyun was like a very good hardworking father who finally decided to take over their business. Not only that, he waited for Sungmin to graduate from the culinary school they were both enrolled (as he graduated a year ahead) then bought a place and had Sungmin have his first bakery. That brought Sungmin to tears, right after kyuhyun proposed to him, they both settled into a family life and fortunately both of their families accepted their decision wholeheartedly.

Apart from living a perfect family life, Jintuo also has it shares of memories to this wonderful family. It is great that no one’s bullying him for the kind of family he has but it doesn’t mean that the couple would not experience any trouble with this child. The kid, who is already entering the first grade, seems to have a lot of questions in mind. And Heechul being their three houses away neighbor is not helping them a lot during those times though his presence is always appreciated, still most of the time, it was not.

Like this one time when Jintuo asked why there are thunders during storms. Kyuhyun who was born with a genius mind wanted to explain it theoretically even protesting to Sungmin that his genes are sure imprinted on his son so there’s a hundred per cent guarantee the kid would understand it easily. But it looks like Heechul beat him already in educating his own child.

“pffft, daddy. Can please stop telling me about those ions and such because I already know why thunders occur.” The child said as a matter of fact, eyes concentrated on his robots and not even giving kyuhyun a glance.

“oh,” kyuhyun patted his son’s head “ that is why I’m proud you are my son, you easily catch things up.”

The kid eyed him warily before standing proudly in front of his dad, “ yeah dadddyyy, it is simple as this: the angels are just playing bowling up there and their other friends took picture of them while playing so that explains why there is lightning also.”

Just like that, the child skipped happily to where mommy Sungmin is, probably baking in the kitchen again.

And just like that, kyuhyun dialed heechul’s number and told him to stay 100 meters away from his child.

The next thing Jintuo was curious about is how on earth his mommy Sungmin has boobs when in fact he is a boy.

“you can’t fool me!! Those are boobs I know it!” Jintuo , who is on the verge of tears, held the hem of shirt tightly, so tight that it crumpled under his hold. Apparently, his dad is not letting his mom speak something about it and not only that, his dad is standing protectively in front of his mommy like as if he is a murderer. While his eyes travel from his dad’s shocked form, he saw his mommy behind his dad and as he held his arms in front of his chest looking scandalized from what Jintuo said.

That’s when Jintuo started crying. He can’t take kyuhyun’s angry face anymore and now that he looked over to his mom’s face and seeing that his mommy is almost close to tears because of him, he also started crying.

“i- *hiccup* just wanted to know *hiccup* why he has boobs. He is a boy! Daddy is boy but he doesn’t have those *hiccup* *hiccup* those mountains but how mommy i-”

“MOUNTAINS???” now kyuhyun raised his voice. Jintuo lost it already and started bawling like an infant void of milk. Well yeah, talking about breasts.

Kyuhyun charged to the kid telling him who on earth exposed him to those words and between those sobs and disturbing hiccups came a faint “Heechul noona” and that’s when Sungmin tried to gather the kid in his embrace while kyuhyun fumbles on his phone again probably spitting all this saliva into it as he throws curses.

“kyuhyun not in front of the child!” Sungmin tried to cover jintuo’s ears and placed his head above his chest in order to keep the kid from crying. “it’s okay baby, mommy will explain to you everything correctly. And I told you it’s Heechul hyung not- OH MY GOD!!”

Kyuhyun then turned his head towards Sungmin’s high pitch scream and the moment his eyes met the scene he immediately throw his phone out and get Sungmin out of jintuo’s murderous fingers. Actually, when the kid has his faced pressed against his mommy’s chest, he immediately snuck his fingers in and pinched Sungmin’s nipples hard. And when he realized no milk was coming out, he finally believed those are not boobies but just plain man chest.

“oh, I thought it would produce milk just like real mommies , guess that they are just man boobs.”

And with that, Jintuo left the horrified kyumin couple on the floor.


So kyuhyun find a solution to keep Jintuo from seeing Heechul in which he decided that after school, Jintuo would go straight to his office or to his mommy’s bakery and this thing keeps going on for months.

And to say that the kid is superbly curious about everything is an understatement. The kid asked why the dog is barking instead of doing the cat’s meow because Jintuo thinks it is better for cats to bark than to purr. Then one time, the boy wonders why kyuhyun doesn’t had his hair straight and only have it permed for years and even adding at the end of the sentence, “ the very reason why mommy Sungmin keeps an ugly picture of yours back when you have a straight hair is because to remind his self not to approve you having your straight hair back.

Kyuhyun then found his self one night digging all Sungmin’s stuff while the other is busy bathing. That night, kyuhyun thought about bringing Jintuo to a psychologist he knows that hypnotizes people and have his child put under the spell of ‘silence’ about looks.

But there is this one thing that kyuhyun and Sungmin can’t forget. One night when they are eating silently their dinner, Jintuo chose to open up the topic they dreaded the most.

“mommy, is daddy hurting you?”

Stopped inhaling his dinner like he always did making kyuhyun to coo at his cuteness but the question left Sungmin to worry again as he knows this kid is up to ask something hilarious again. Sungmin then turned to kyuhyun who has this dreamy look in his eyes and Sungmin has to flick kyuhyun’s temples at that time.

“baby, why do you think daddy is hurting mommy?” Sungmin asked softly and that’s when it dawned to kyuhyun what did Jintuo just asked to his Sungmin. He then turned to give the child a glare.

The kid wiped the sides of his mouth before proceeding to ask the elders in front of him. “ I heard you last night. I was scared at that time when I heard you cried..” the defiant kid stopped but only to throw a harsh glance to his daddy.

Sungmin just threw a worried look.

“you said how much it hurts to daddy then I heard slapping sounds.”

The time Jintuo finished talking Sungmin almost blacken out and kyuhyun immediately get a glass of water and a fan while telling Jintuo to help him carry Sungmin. Though not knowing what to do, those small hands helped his dad in carrying the unconscious Sungmin but not before telling his daddy how true his suspicion is.

“see? You are hurting him and you are timing it when I’m asleep! Huh! thinking I don’t know it!”

Kyuhyun took no heed and just continued calling Sungmin’s name as he peppers kisses allover Sungmin’s face.

“I am calling the police!!”


And that’s when Sungmin is back to his senses.

The kid lunged to his mommy with teary eyes both from seeing his mommy look so weak and also from kyuhyun’s intense stare.

“baby i- it’s nothing really.” Sungmin has to discreetly glare to kyuhyun as he saw the man smirking behind Jintuo like as if he was being challenged on how he would explain to the kid that they are actually having sex at that time.

“but mommy~” jintuo slowly entangled his self from Sungmin’s hold but not long after, he saw a faint purple mark somewhere over that pale skin and what scares him is that his mommy has bruises. Yes bruises, it means he saw more than three and that’s when he started sobbing silently , he’s worried as hell. unknown to him, those are not bruises but kyuhyun's love bites to his mommy sungmin.

Sungmin then placed jintuo’s head at the crook of his head while rubbing the expanse of his back. everything seems to be alright but when suddenly jintuo silently moved his lips beside sungmin's ears, whispering soflty the words of encouragement.

“shhhh mommy it’s okay, I’m calling the police.”

And upon hearing that, Sungmin fell unconscious again.

The last time that kyuhyun has to deal with his kid’s antics, he made sure he’ll forever imprint to the child how bad it is to interact with this Heechul noona.

He was reading his newspaper at that time. He didn’t bother to wake Sungmin up this time because last night was too exhausting for them. Well, kyuhyun is in great need of sexual pleasure and since it is Friday, they are not obliged to wake up early for office and for school (since Sungmin still insisted to drive Jintuo to school despite having a bunch of drivers). So he let Sungmin to rest more as he let his self to get indulged with his cup of coffee after deciding that his proper breakfast would come once his two angels will wake up.

A few more minutes and he heard footsteps coming from their elegant wooden staircase. Kyuhyun has to stifle a smile upon imagining how Sungmin must be limping for now and thinking that it may be best to help the other in going down the stairs, he put his newspaper down and made his way towards Sungmin.

“good morning beautiful,” kyuhyun said as he give Sungmin a peck on his forehead.

But his angel didn’t answer instead he just keeps on looking back to jintuo’s room.

“honey what’s wrong?” the taller man tilted Sungmin’s head in his direction using his forefinger.

“I think you need to check on your son. I hear whimpers coming from the bathroom.” Sungmin then softly answered kyuhyun but his anxiety already present in his voice.

“okay okay, I’ll just call you when I need help, for now cook some delicious breakfast for us.” Kyuhyun then again gave Sungmin a last one peck before heading upstairs.

“baby…” he called out slowly, his head peeping out from the tiny space of the slightly ajar bathroom door. There he saw Jintuo sighing softly beside his bathtub.

“what’s the matter?” kyuhyun held his son above his lap.

“why does your peepee look like n airplane?” Jintuo asked innocently.

Kyuhyun turned a bit red; he must solve this alone and must not tell this to Sungmin. The other was still traumatized with the word “peepee” though that was two years ago and just recently the curious kid pinched his poor mommy’s nipple without a word making his Sungmin to experience nightmares for three consecutive nights.

No, Sungmin mustn’t know this.

“uhm, I don’t know how about you, what do you think of them?”

“well, Heechul noon-“

“Jintuo, what did I say about Heechul? And for pete’s sake it’s Heechul hyung!” he whispered softly afraid that his son would go ballistic again.

“okay daddy let me finish first. Heechul hyu- “ the kid paused upon realizing he’s going to say the forbidden word, “Heechul noona said that our peepee is like an airplane. It’s like an airplane because it is elongated and it goes up. He said he got it from you.”

Kyuhyun turned brightly red in embarrassment. But who wouldn’t? His six years old child is talking things pertaining to peepee and hell, he is even wondering how it goes up! That almighty Kim Heechul even used his name. He momentarily closed his eyes and counted to ten before opening them and staring lovingly to his son.

“your peepee is like an airplane because it is elongated and it goes up.” Kyuhyun whispered darkly beside his son’s ears and it sent him some bubble of happiness when he saw how his child visible tensed up.

“how… does it need to go up?” Jintuo asked in a small voice.

Kyuhyun then smiled evilly. Finally, his plan is taking into place. This kid must learn to stay away from Kim Heechul. “yes baby it does need to go up-“

He is not yet done with his words when his child clings to him like a koala and silently sobbing so as not to show his crybaby side to his father.

“I need to stay brave” his small mind thought.

“how daddy tell me how please!”

Kyuhyun then lifted his son on his lap again and with an evil smirk he answered, “stay away from heechul noona of yours and it will go up.”

The kid has this unbelievable look in his face. Heechul noona has been his best friend because that son of a diva apparently is the only one that answers his questions and now that he has to stay away from him makes him really sad. But then he suddenly thought the future of his “peepee”. And then again, he can’t just give up his friend like that.

“daddy...,” he called out softly as tears slowly formed at the brim of his eyes. Kyuhyun then did not find his self guilty as he knows his plan would be successful in a minute. “what will happen if it doesn’t go up?”

Kyuhyun planted a sinister smile on his face and slowly, he placed his mouth near his child’s ear…

“it would crash.. your peepee would crash.”

And just like that, Jintuo never ever called Heechul as noona and Heechul became his worst enemy.

All thanks to daddy kyuhyun.

Who is so in love to mommy Sungmin.

a/n:finally done writing this!! LOL still finding my way on writing hmmmmm T^T i think i lost it.. orz i need feels ..

oh comment!! teehee~
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  • Stay Prologue + Chapter 1

    Title: Stay Rating: Nc-17 (for bed scenes) genre: slice of life, romance warning: a bunch of crap becos of forgotten skill (if i have one) to write…

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