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Remember Me

title: Remember Me
genre: Nc-17
warning: unbeta'd, yaoi, fail!smut
summary:  When war breaks, hell loose, no one wants to let go apart.

Prologue + Final chapter


It started before the war broke.

Their love started before bloodstains painted the town.


The vast green lands stood in complete serenity before him, the meadows move gracefully to the direction of the wind, the sun setting low on the horizon far across his land and just like the precious paintings of their great artists, the sky is nothing but a piece of art.

A sharp hiss of air can be heard, commands echoing through the sullen wind, and the march of their soldiers are in sync with how his heart beats. Along with these preparations are the joyful cries of the other battalion and at the far end is a group of merry voices falling into a background of those haunting chants and just how these groups of boisterous laughter failed to dominate the manly screams of the warrior only signals that the war is near.

Just a night away and tomorrow will mark another history.

And now that the sun is setting down, half of the sky is covered with streaks of orange, a brush of pink tint and a touch of purple, the monarchs of Northern Lights can’t do nothing but to pass prayers off from their lips, that tomorrow shall lead to freedom, that tomorrow’s war is a start of peace and that tomorrow is just another phase of a horrible era.

That tomorrow, dying means being courageous and not being slave to darkness.

Emperor Sungmin of Southern Lights, Queen Min of Northern Lights, destined mate of the King of Northern Lights, Lee Sungmin shivered at the thought.

It has been almost four years since the Northern and the Southern engaged in a forever truce and it was exactly four years that he has been tied cordially with the ruler of the opposite land. Four fruitful years of being married to a former enemy brought nothing but happiness and contentment for the both of them. Each land has different culture and ways of ruling but each side takes the liberty time had offered to make adjustments for each difference. Southern Lights call their ruler Emperor and Empress and it is the first time in their culture that their ruler married a man, identical to his gender, and so the townspeople agreed to call the lover of their emperor as the same way on how they addressed their ruler. As of for the Northern Lights, it is also the very first time that their ruler married someone who has same sexuality as him and for them not to change the laws that has been governing them long ago, they would call the new ruler as Queen despite him being a man. But this cause no worries as the people find the beauty of their King’s lover exquisite that of a woman.

That small pointed nose, the way how his lips was sculptured to captivate hearts is  just like how his eyes twinkle like of a star, those beautiful hands that sway together with his small and fragile waist, the pristine and porcelain skin only royals could have and the ebony hair that accentuates well the pale of a skin he has.

Queen Sungmin has been loved easily by the Northern Lights.

Soft sounds of steps which are very familiar to his ears made Sungmin to brace his self, half of him is excited and longing for the warmth that is only for him and half of him anticipates well for the heavy announcement he’ll be hearing to the one who opened the door.

“a very calm night,” the low and dark voice ghosted at the back of his head whose breath touches the side of his neck. And in seconds, hands already snaked around his waist as his hair glides smoothly with the wind letting both of their scent to linger much longer for their likeness.

“and how I wish this to happen every time sun decides to rest,” Sungmin rested his back a little to the broad chest that dissipates heat, the one that he cherished and the one he’ll likely to miss. He closed his eyes as he feels every rhythm of his husband’s heartbeat, pumping against the other’s chest, resounding very well against his back.

The hands of his husband meet the softness of his own delicate fingers, intertwining them as if filling those gaps would ensure a moment of forever, Sungmin never felt so apprehensive like before.

He faced Kyuhyun.

“tell me, tell me a promise.”

Tender eyes held back his reflection, tender eyes promised something mouth cannot be able to tell.

The direction of the wind changed and in blink of an eye, the surroundings smelled like one of a rose. It must have come from the vast lands of the fairies thus bringing sweet aroma to the whole town of the Northern Lights. Something in him stirred and not wasting any pint of the time, the queen threw his self to Kyuhyun.

The ruler hugged back his wife as he stroked the other’s back, nose sniffing the unique scent that was only from his queen, from his beloved queen. The feelings emanating from the embrace is different from those the usual ones they shared. It has something in it that both of them suddenly wanted more. Sungmin removed himself from the tight embrace of his king and one look to his eyes; he knows they agreed to do it.

Kyuhyun moved his hand to the small back of the person in front of him, only to push him closer. Chest to chest, hands gripping at the sides. The dark look coming from him can be visibly seen at how his queen shivered though eyes lidded with lust, closing at every time he moved his hands lower at his back. Kyuhyun’s lips found the expanse of Sungmin’s neck very enticing and as he attached them to it, he knows he’ll never get used to the feeling that overwhelms him. It is addicting just every time, it goes sweeter and pristine under the soft touches of his lips.

Sungmin’s neck is both their weakness. He heard how his husband’s breath hitched, stopped for a moment but only to release a long guttural moan, the one that turned Kyuhyun on. He sucked at the part where Sungmin knows would go insane, he licked from that spot up to the shell of his ear biting it as he whispers, “I believe bed can make things better.”

The queen smirked at him, eyes shining along with tremor but despite the uneasy feeling, Kyuhyun knows Sungmin wanted nothing but to be taken now. Shuddering with the thought, kyuhyun listened to the soft, mellow voice ghosting beside his ears, “carry me, my King.”

Kyuhyun placed both of his arms under the other’s bottoms and began attacking Sungmin’s lips. Both moaned at the contact of their bodies, Sungmin’s erection hard-pressed in him and this shoots the amount of lust he has inside to the level where he knows sparks really fly. Their tongues collided, nose bumped against each other, saliva dripping at the sides and heat getting stronger.

“such beauty…” kyuhyun’s hand snaked under the royal robes that hugged his lover’s body tight while staggering their balance down. As he lay Sungmin down, his eyes search for the fire he loved seeing from his queen, “is only mine.”

“kyu…” Sungmin’s hand thread his King’s hair, his eyes found the intricate patterns of the ceiling so endearing as kyuhyun’s head trailed downwards, teeth removing all the silk that covered his body, exposing him to the coldness of their room.

“no teasing please,” his eyes shut when kyuhyun delve a tongue in his navel, then hands swiftly touching  his nubs which hardened at the mere short contact, arching his back he wished kyuhyun could be more less of a tease this night. He released a breath that he didn’t know he is holding back and when he inhaled, kyuhyun hiked his robe higher, his milky thighs are now only for Kyuhyun to feast.

“hyun, my King.” A flicker of lust and a call of his name, Kyuhyun engulfed his arousal in one go.

“ah-,” the feeling is beyond words and his blood rushing to every part of his body except his heart, leaving him breathless and asking for more. The way Kyuhyun looked intently at Sungmin, the way that tongue swirl on the tip of his member, and the hands that fondle his balls…Sungmin is a mess.

Kyuhyun’s hand left the base of his arousal, the other hand travelled from his balls to the smooth expanse of his inner thighs and the other reached for his pink nubs that have long been abandoned.

“stop,” kyuhyun smirked and hummed. Sungmin’s sanity flew away.

He likes this, he wants this. He knows this is his last string before tomorrow comes.

Tomorrow, he doesn’t know if Kyuhyun could ever come back to his arms, alive.

Kyuhyun released his lover’s arousal but only to capture the enticing lips and run his hand down to the perfection that is Lee Sungmin.  “beautiful,” he murmured against Sungmin’s neck as he makes his way over the bed, settling his body between his queen’s leg. He pushed Sungmin’s hair back, moaned escaped from the both of them and kyuhyun lost it.

The mixture of unfathomable yearning to be united with one another and the surging feelings of never wanting to let go enveloped their bodies. Eyes closed, minds drifting along with memories, they got lost in their own world.

“take me now please.” The words are said short and panting, excruciatingly plunging deep inside kyuhyun.

Sungmin grabbed his head as they rose to a kneeling position, the feisty Sungmin is on the lead, basking the warmth and sweetness of kyuhyun’s mouth. “take me and never let me go. Make love to me until we lost count of it. Tire me with that tongue, those nimble fingers, and this…”

Sungmin took hold of his manhood of which he pumped slowly doubling the huge fire of lust inside of him, “ I want this inside of me.”

Kyuhyun lost the grip to his sanity, he grabbed Sungmin’s other hand and brought it to his mouth but not before saying, “pump me while I suck your fingers.” His queen seemed enthralled. They are still kneeling on their splendid bed.

“finger yourself, stretch yourself, pump me and let me watch you.”

Part 1

It started before the war broke.

Their love started before bloodstains painted the town.


The cries tainted with pleasure filled his ears as it travels from the openings down to the pit of his stomach. Hands raking his back add to the burning desire forming in every fiber of his being and below him is the man whom he had offered his life, whom he had promised a year of forever.

“oh my god,” the back leaves the flatness of the bed, it elevates as the lust in him shoots to an enormous level, it never leaves him and as his husband planted a kiss, that lust just becomes stronger. Too strong that he can’t help but to moan his king’s name. And that name is sex itself.




The light coming from the moon dances on the flawless back of his king, and the face that he adores so much created a shadow on the contours of his own face, Kyuhyun is always handsome despite the darkness that enveloped them.

The curtain dances as the wind enters their room, the air traveled from each part of his body and letting his hairs to stand as touches an inch of him, “hold me tighter,” . Queen Sungmin commands his king who lowered his body more to his chest, their nipples rubbing to each other as the one hovering above him closes more the gap between them.

Sungmin laced his hands around Kyuhyun, one on his neck and the other one on his back. “deeper please.”

Kyuhyun thrusted deeper, grunting at every push and veins popping out more as they create rhythm through their bodies. They dance along the soundless music of their love, kyuhyun plunged deeper as Sungmin held him closer, the beat is erratic but it produces a melodious sound. The sound travels from the heat of their bodies to the swellings of their heart. It formed a bubbling gratification, doubling the fire inside of them, tying them to a lust held by love.

Love. It binds the two of them yet also was the reason why one of them has to go.

Kyuhyun is the king of their land- the land that was solely to the Northern Lights but now is shared by his former enemy’s land, the Southerns. Kyuhyun being the King has to fight to what was theirs, to what they own, to what they considered as precious. And protecting means fighting, fighting means war.

“do that again please,” it sounded as a painful cry and this urges Kyuhyun to make it fade away. He held Sungmin’s legs that were winded around his waist but only to spread them more and place it above his shoulders. He smirked at the flexibility of his queen. He doubled the pace of the thrust as he blindly reached the hem of the pillows. He put three of them under the back of his queen; though blinded by sexual pleasure, he still remembers the comfort he has to give to the one he loves.

Kyuhyun affectionately brushed the strands of hair that hide the shining eyes of Sungmin and he gaped at the beauty that was presented underneath him. Innocent doe eyes stared at him, hooded with unfathomable sexual desire, sweats gliding slowly over that well defined contour, lips partly open as his queen gasps for air.

“beautiful,” Kyuhyun captured those rosy lips in a hungry kiss. His tongue is swiping every corners of Sungmin’s mouth who in return accepts every part of it. Kyuhyun stopped pounding on Sungmin’s gracious spot but had let his self to focus on the sweetness that his queen is giving, tasting every inch of it, and remembering every part of it.

Both of them drowned at the marvelous act. Kyuhyun moved onto the white piece of art that was Sungmin’s neck but as he nibbled the section where the collarbones and the jaw meets, kyuhyun’s lips meet wetness.

He stopped.

Sungmin looked at him as if he is breaking. “please mark me.”

“why are you crying, my queen?” and it dawned on him. The realization hit kyuhyun like some lightning scaring the whole town, and the truth does scare him. His queen was scared.

shhhh…” Kyuhyun slipped his fingers to the spaces of Sungmin’s hair, threading it with too much carefulness and love. “I promised you, did I?” his tone cascading a pitch lower at every syllable, afraid to break the silence of the night and its serenity.

but promises are meant to be broken,” Sungmin removed his body from his king, hissing at the loss while sobbing his heart away. They settled in a sitting position, backs hitting the head of the bed and Kyuhyun’s arms steadied the shaking form of his queen.

do not make promises Kyu, do not-“ kisses are Kyuhyun’s way to silence Sungmin and his cries but as of the moment, his kisses are nothing but a remorseful way of not making his self hear any things that is not happy, anything that came from his sobbing queen.

promises are meant to be broken-“ a kiss on top of his queen’s head “that was what you learned from novels , Min.” He looked tenderly to his lover whose eyes reflect the melancholy that resides in him. “promises were broken by those who meant to keep lies.”

but I’m afraid,” Sungmin straddled on his lap making the silk that covers their bodies to slide slowly from his shoulders down to his waist and his arousal came in contact with Kyuhyun who moaned instantly. Kyuhyun held Sungmin’s hips to make him stay in his place.

He inched closer and he heard how Sungmin’s breath hitched. “pray tell, every concern of my queen.”

The king held his queen on his shoulders as they capture the sweet moment with a kiss, the night is not getting young as it approaches another day. Soon the skies will be bright again, the birds will be singing the usual high pitch melody, soon everything will not be the same.

I am afraid my king will die amidst the- ahh!” Kyuhyun nipped the flesh that screams nothing but perfection, his hand searches the small of Sungmin’s back and let his hand rest on it until chose to move lower. Trailing downwards, he reached to the hole that was once clenching before his eyes. And when he shoved one digit on it, sungmin’s eyes snapped open and unceremoniously release an octave purr.

His queen’s back arched making both of their arousals to meet then creating a friction that immediately sparked the lust that once died down earlier.

when I told you that you are beautiful, I wasn’t lying.

Kyuhyun whispered, his hot breath touching the cold shell of Sungmin’s ear. He added the second finger and Sungmin sharply inhaled.

back at the gardens, at the middle of the fall, when I said that your eyes are prettier than the stars, I meant it.” Kyuhyun bit Sungmin’s ears as he pushed the third finger. “I wasn’t lying.”

when I confessed to you, when I said I love you, when I made love to you, when I said I don’t care not having kids,” kyuhyun moves his fingers in and out and Sungmin immediately dig hid head at the juncture of Kyuhyun’s neck, eyes closed at the sudden wave of pleasure and emotion his king was giving him.

none of them were lies.”

Kyuhyun curled his fingers, Sungmin snapped his hips and cried strings of pleasure, it was his sweet spot. “ah!, kyuhyun ah!,” It was fast, it was erotic, it was heaven for the both of them.

“I never lied Sungmin,” and with that Kyuhyun entered Sungmin in one go, fingers are still inside and both of them dances to the sound of their love.


The moon meets the horizon and at the far east, the sun rose to its feet and illuminated the sky.  It was bright, the swords glistening at the mere contact with the sun’s rays but the faces of the people has never been as anguish as before.

Sungmin held the armor gently on his palms; its weight is equivalent to how heavy he is feeling right now. He can’t do anything but to wait as he was not allowed to fight. A queen shall be protected, caged under the courage of his men, shielded by the fearless cries of his fellowmen. Those words lingered deep inside of him because Kyuhyun has to repeatedly emphasize it to him that no matter how hard he insists that he’s a man, in Kyuhyun’s country, he’s still their queen.

The queen helped Kyuhyun to put the armor. His hands shaking and breathings got labored at every attempt to lock kyuhyun’s suits. The king sighs and held Sungmin’s arms in place, stopping him from strapping the last one.

Sungmin looked up to meet kyuhyun’s soft gaze, “tell me you’ll survive, tell me you’ll win it, tell me you’ll never leave me on their hands.”

Sungmin's hands clutched immensely the hard material of his gear, "please remember me...please remember that there is someone waiting for you to comeback, that there is someone missing your presence, that there is someone you left who love you very much.

The queen trembled at every words that escaped from his mouth and kyuhyun lovingly put Sungmin’s head on his chest, “I don’t want to survive,” Sungmin’s breath stopped and sobs flows one after the other. Kyuhyun kissed his queen’s crown and held him tighter.

I want to live. I want to live not just survive,” and with that, the two monarchs savored the last remaining hours before war strikes in.


Three days and all Sungmin can do is to pray.

Three days no news reached his ears,

three days of doubting whether Kyuhyun is still alive.

It was night, cold wind gushing inside of his room, crickets’ sound seemed like that of a monster for the first time. Northern and Southern Light’s queen was sleeping her worries off when the news about Kyuhyun arrived.

A lone shadow entered his room, reluctant with his steps as part of him is afraid to wake the queen up.

Hushed steps, controlled breathings and a smell of blood.

But what was striking was it has a smell of Kyuhyun.

“my queen,” at the sound of that voice, those doe eyes opened slowly.

“you… you survived!”

There in front of the queen was Kyuhyun’s victorious form, arms spread like an eagle waiting for his queen.

I just didn’t survive, I am alive.”

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  • Stay Prologue + Chapter 1

    Title: Stay Rating: Nc-17 (for bed scenes) genre: slice of life, romance warning: a bunch of crap becos of forgotten skill (if i have one) to write…

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